Bet365 Mobile Casino Review

Bet365 is one of the biggest names around when it comes to online casinos, so it only makes sense that their mobile casino is just as good, exceeding all expectations that anyone could have had before playing there. There is such a huge list of highlights about the mobile casino that it would be hard to find a reason as to why this mobile casino wasn’t sitting at the top spot compared to other mobile casinos.


Starting with the choice of games, well, it’s a great one and also incredibly diverse when you take into account the number of different types of games that are on offer. Better still, new games are added every single month, so you always have the opportunity to play the most up to date games with Bet365. Furthermore, you can never get bored of the site because there is always new games being added; therefore, you always have new games to play, while your old favorites remain should you ever want to play them again! As it stands there are several hundred games available on the site; players really are spoilt for choice and will have a hard time choosing which one they want to play!


Another significant aspect of the Bet365 Mobile Casino is the number of bonuses they dish out to players! As well as the sign-up bonuses, there are additional bonuses added to the mobile casino on a daily basis, which allows players to make some even bigger wins for themselves.


Deposits and withdrawals are easily done with Bet365 as they run their own unique One Wallet system. Link your money into your One Wallet account and have transactions happen instantly, without having to wait around your bank to process them. It’s a very convenient system and appeals greatly to players using the mobile version of the site.


If you’re looking for a mobile casino that offers an unlimited range of different games, playtime with ease and great bonuses and promotions, not to mention just a brilliant mobile adaptation of a full website, then Bet365 is definitely the mobile casino that you should be using.


Slots You Can Play On Your Android Phone

Just because you don’t have a fancy iPhone doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the fun of mobile slots! Assuming that you’re an Android user if you’re not using an iPhone with iOS technology, then there is plenty of Android-friendly slots out there for you to choose from! Here is a list of mobile slots that are suitable for Android phones.


Android Tomb Raider

Android Tomb Raider is actually a relatively jam packed slot game, particularly for a mobile slot game. On top of it being very user-friendly and having great visuals throughout, the game actually has five different reels with 15 different pay lines and an incredible 75 coin slot machine. Because there are so many different pay lines, the players chance of making a big win is increased quite drastically. In addition to all this, there’s also several bonus rounds, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and even free spins to take advantage of.


Android Mermaid’s Millions

Set underwater, the theme for Android’s Mermaid’s Millions is brilliant. The graphics of the game are impeccable and take the player on a unique journey under the sea, surrounded by mermaids. This game is similar to Android Tombraider as it also has five reels with 15 pay lines and a 75 coin slot machine. However, the mystical storyline that this game follows gives it a bit of an edge compared to other mobile slot games.


Android Thunderstruck

This game is a great mobile slot game to play! There are five different reels and nine different pay lines, which allows some excellent opportunities for some big wins! The scatter symbol appears quite regularly, and there’s also a wild multiplier to look out for too, not to mention all of the other bonuses and promotions that crop up throughout the game. The only way this game could be improved is if there was a better storyline for players to follow, but as far as mobile slots go, this is a great game.


Android Mega Moolah

Android Mega Moolah has a really great theme going on that will really reel players in (pardon the pun!). The entire game has a wild African safari theme which is a little bit different from the rest but does add an element of excitement to the game. Let us not forget the fact that they have a huge jackpot available too, and that there is a number 1 prize worth one million credits!


Android Major Millions

Major Millions on Android is a progressive slot machine. It has three different reels and three different pay lines, which is definitely not as many as some of the games above but still makes for a good game. To make up for the lack of pay lines and slots, there are some great bonus features within the game, including a progressive jackpot that unlocks after a certain point in the game, a wild symbol, and a multiplier symbol too.


Mr. Green Mobile Casino Review

A lot of the time when you use the mobile version of an online casino, you find that it’s quite restrictive. It’s awkward to navigate around; you don’t have access to all of the games that you would on the website and payout times can be quite a bit longer too. However, you’ll find that this is not the case when it comes to Mr. Green, with the mobile version of the casino translating perfectly to be a handheld experience.


There are well over 200 different games to choose from on the mobile app, which is a very generous selection to choose from indeed. All of them work seamlessly on the mobile version of the site, just as well as they would work on the desktop site. Thankfully, the layout of the mobile version of the site is virtually identical to the online version of the site, which makes it very easy for players to navigate their way around the site. User friendliness plays a big part in a mobile casinos success, and Mr. Green Mobile Casino has knocked that nail on the head.


There aren’t any special bonuses put in place for people playing on the mobile version of the site, but all of the usual bonuses that would run on the regular version of the website are all available on the mobile version, including the generous sign-up bonus.


Another advantage to the mobile version of the casino is that there are live games available to play, which emulates the experience of actually playing in a casino while on the go- be it to work, at the gym or while sat on the bus. These games don’t lag, and they’re of an excellent quality too.


The graphics on the site are second to none, and the user interface is also brilliant. There’s no annoying ad’s, the site doesn’t keep crashing under the pressure of keeping up with you and your gaming, and there’s an excellently diverse range of games for players to choose from. You won’t get bored anytime soon with Mr. Green Mobile Casino on your phone!


Vera and John Mobile Casino Review

Vera and John is one of the biggest names in the world of online casinos, so it hardly comes as a surprise that their mobile adaptation of their online casino is of an exceptional standard. You almost can’t fault it!

The site straight away catches your eye with it’s bright, colorful color scheme and cartoon-style graphics. The theme of the site gives it a bit of a lighthearted, almost childish feel but don’t be fooled; gambling with Vera and John is as serious as it gets. The rest of the layout in the mobile version is almost exactly the same as it is on the desktop version, so users should be able to find their way around quite easily.

There is full access to Vera and John games on the mobile version of the site, unlike some mobile versions that limit the games that are available. In fact, Vera and John’s mobile casino has over 200 slots and games on offer, so players will never be bored of playing the same old games; there’s plenty of variety.

Another great feature of the mobile casino is that there is a live chat feature available on tablets- this is incredibly useful and also generates a more realistic feel of being in a casino; an effect that’s hard to recreate online at all, least of all on a mobile device! In addition to this, another brilliant quality of the site is the incredibly rapid cashout rate, which is just 24 hours! Some mobile casinos can take up to three days, so this is an impressive rate.

The site supports a huge range of different currencies and is also available in a variety of different languages too so that almost anyone can play! It’s an incredibly inclusive site.


The Best Android Casinos for Your Phone

While Apple is definitely one of the biggest tech industries on the market right now, not everyone has been converted to iOS yet; a lot of people still prefer the dependable Android service! So what are the best casinos to play on your phone if you’re an Android user?

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is supported by almost all Android devices with excellent playback and an easy user interface on mobile devices (phones and tablets). There’s an incredibly generous welcome bonus of £1,500 to all new players and a payout rate of just under 98%. The range of games is relatively extensive, and there isn’t any annoying pop-up ad’s, which means that game time flows with more ease!

Royal Panda

Although the sign-up bonus for new players to the site is only £100, which isn’t much compared to some, they’re excellent at catering to Android devices! All of the top slot games work smoothly on Android devices, and there is also complete banking tasks available to Android users too. In addition to all this, there are additional bonuses for players using Android phones to gamble, which is always appealing.

Lucky 247

Lucky 247 is one of the best sites to use on an Android device for gambling! It’s playback is absolutely seamless, the user interface is incredibly easy to use, and the graphics on screen are of a very high quality. The site offers a welcome bonus of £500 to all new players, and there’s a diverse range of games and style of games to choose from. Similarly to Royal Panda Casino, there are additional bonuses on offer for Android mobile players.

The Hippodrome Casino

Another casino that doesn’t have a huge sign-up bonus, offering just £250 to its players, is the Hippodrome Casino. On top of this, payouts can take up to three days to go through. However, despite all of this, the casino works incredibly well for Android devices. There’s no crashing, no lagging, and the graphics, animations and sound effects are all brilliant and more than make up for the aforementioned ‘negative’ traits.

Learn About The Power A Bitcoin Holds In The Financial Industry

In the modern world of technological sophistication, people are demanding for more and more convenience. One of the major technological advancement in the recent times has been in the area of e-commerce. The invention of Bitcoin has greatly improved the way people make payments via the internet. Bitcoins are open source software meaning they are free for use and modification by anyone.

Described below is the Bitcoins design:


A person can only spend his bitcoins by appending his digital signatures on them. The payer must sign using his private key for the transaction to be approved and thereby exchanging the bitcoins. The digital signature is verified by the network using a public key. This means that the private key of a person is important and should be safely guarded. If the private key gets lost, there is absolutely no way the network can prove ownership of the bitcoins and therefore they are simply lost.

Units of measurement

This system of payment uses bitcoin as the basic unit. The system also allows for use of smaller multiples of the basic unit such as millibitcoin. The Bitcoins are set to be given an official currency code by ISO after an application to that effect was made on 7 October 2014.

Data mining

This is a service designed to keep accurate records. The records kept must pass all confidentiality, accountability and integrity tests. The mining softwares arrange newly broadcasted transactions into groups known as blocks.

Transaction fees

It is not mandatory for users to pay for transaction fees. Paying this fees, however, will greatly improve the processing time of a user’s transaction. The mining softwares are designed to prioritize transactions that include transaction fees in their processing.

Digital wallets

These are designed to store bitcoins. Logically speaking, wallets will simply store information about bitcoins but not the bitcoins themselves. Since bitcoins uses public key cryptography method to ensuring the security, a wallet can be said to be a collection of keys.

From the above description, it is obvious that a Bitcoin is the next big thing in the financial world. The most desirable feature of bitcoins is that they enhance privacy using cryptographic means. This means that the information of a payer will never go public using this system.

Enjoy Gambling from the Privacy of Your Home

Do you want to enjoy playing slot machines from the privacy of your home? Then check out a leading online casino. This will allow you to avoid the smokey atmosphere often found at most casinos. You also don’t have to worry about security since you will be in a protected environment. This online casino is safe and user-friendly so you can enjoy hour of playing slots, video slots, table games, and instant games. There are guaranteed winnings every day and more than 700 games are offered to online customers. Learn more about this casino so you can play games at your leisure.

This online casino is the first licensed casino to accept bitcoins. A person can deposit and withdraw bitcoins from this casino. Bitcoin users are treated as fiat customers. When deposits are made, they are converted in real time on the basis of current Euro exchange rates. When this casino accepts bitcoins, the casino is not exposed to market risks. You can play a Satoshi Slot game that uses bitcoin transactions as the basis for playing it. To ensure that best are authentic and fair, these games use a block chain. This is an algorithm for verifying bets placed off the block-chain.

Using bitcoins will allow you to participate in online gaming using peer-to-peer technology. This online currency does not use government regulations or banks to operate. Transactions are managed by a system of users. This online payment system does not use intermediaries to facilitate transactions. Payments are recorded in a public ledger. However, users are afforded moderate privacy. Transaction fees and new bitcoins are given to individuals who use their computers to record and confirm payments in the public ledger. The purchaser will pay a fee to use bitcoins.

Using this digital currency to pay for products and services has grown in the past few years. If you like gaming but don’t want to visit a traditional casino, join an online community of users who play value on the verified game results. Using bitcoins will enable you to easily use digital currency to get the thrill these games offer. For more information on these games, visit the website of this casino. Please read all rules and regulations completely before playing.

Bizarre Truths About What Can Be Done with Saved Bitcoins

Bitcoin is controversial, and for good reason. The range of opinions represents the full extent of the possibilities provided by this mainstream cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, for one reason or another, has superseded all other digital currencies in the past. It isn’t necessarily the best, but it did something that no other coin in the Internet age could do. As trailblazing as bitcoin is, it should come as little surprise that there are some really bizarre ways to spend saved up coins. Below are just a few examples of how one can use their coins for better use than just sitting in an e-wallet.

Bitcoins- in Space!

Richard Branson is a business and cultural icon and owner of Virgin. His efforts have always pushed the envelope in what a single man can do, let alone a massive Internet and business enterprise. Richard Branson famously announced that he’s going to sell and fund space trips. Whether this is fully legitimate or not has not quite been experienced in any tangible way. But Branson’s come out and said that he will fully accept bitcoin for payment to get a seat in his shiny rocket. It sounds absurd, but no one should doubt Branson.

Slot Machines and Risk

Casinos are typically so popular because of that small chance of a huge victory. Even if it is small, it is still there. That is enough to draw an audience. But that risk of losing huge scares a lot of people away. There is that small problem of, well, surviving and paying bills.

But resources such as Satoshi Slot have allowed for bitcoin use in their games. This removes a lot of that risk, because there are not many things that one can do with their saved up coins regardless. This way, players can gamble with their coins in hopes of winning huge. If they do not, at least they are not using their hard earned dollars to experience the fun of online slot machines.

It is true that more and more companies are accepting these coins. Enthusiasts are following the overall trends and the overall acceptance rate on a global scale. This can change the mainstream perception of bitcoin and provide new ways to spend them.